Sim Wong was born in Malaysia and came to Canada in 1974.  She has always been interested in drawing and painting and it was in Toronto where she received training in traditional Chinese painting, first as a student and later as an instructor at a Chinese watercolour studio named ‘Studio Arts Gallery’ near Finch and Midland. 

Over time she has added proficiency in multiple watercolour techniques: wet on wet, negative painting, splattering, bleeding, and layering. She is always striving to achieve harmony and equilibrium between Chinese and Western art.

Sim currently resides in Scarborough and is an active member of the Art Guild of Scarborough for many years.  The Guild has twice awarded her the Arthur Award, as well as Best watercolour in show, and numerous honourable mentions.  She is proud to have recently joined the Toronto Watercolour Society.

In terms of volunteer work, she has donated paintings for fundraising efforts at Chief Dan George, Churchill Heights and Agincourt Junior Public Schools.  She helped many of her art students successfully prepare their portfolios for submission to art academies and university.

In her spare time Sim teaches private art classes, tends to her large sprawling garden and enjoys spending time with her grand-daughter Isla.

"I am a beginner and will always remain a beginner, for I discover and learn new things each day. It shall be this way for the rest of my journey and for this I am thankful."

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